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The Lockdown 'Home Run'

Updated: Feb 24, 2021

Quite the day following Boris' updates! Better days really are coming and there is finally a light at the end of the tunnel after all.

So since there are plenty of conversations and questions flying around as to what exactly we can and cannot do, we thought best to pop everything into one easy read for you.

As we all know, the main focus is the 21st June where the aim is for all restrictions to be lifted. We also know that every pub, restaurant and bar has been flooded with enquiries over the past 24 hours.

Our updated calendar:

There are stages set by the government and we have mapped out the focus around social events on this and how to start planning for the next few months:

Stage one (in two parts) - 8th March

  • Two people from different households can meet outside for recreation, which can include "a coffee on a bench"

  • Weddings attended by up to six people can take place in any circumstances

  • Schools & colleges will reopen, with university students returning for practical courses

  • Still no mixing indoors or outdoors unless in your support bubble

  • Non-essential shops, leisure and entertainment venues to remain closed

  • Pubs and restaurants closed, but takeaway food permitted

29th March

  • People will be allowed to meet outside, either with one other household or within the "rule of six", including in private gardens

  • The stay at home rule will end

  • Outdoor sport facilities to reopen (including golf courses, tennis & basketball courts)

Photo: Cafe des Sports - A vintage Sport Bar & Cafe in West London serving the best coffee & pizza

Summary of Stage one

  • We suggest continuing with your virtual events and connecting with teams or loved ones

  • Start planning around Easter and consider sending bespoke gifts and boxes to stay in touch with customers

  • Begin securing dates for summer events to avoid missing out.

Stage two - no earlier than 12th April:

  • Restaurants and pub gardens will be allowed to serve customers sitting outdoors, including alcohol

  • Weddings attended by up to 15 people can take place

  • All shops allowed to open

  • Gym and spas can reopen for individuals and households

  • Hairdressers, beauty salons and other "close contact services" can reopen

  • UK domestic holidays away from home permitted

  • Drive-in cinemas, zoos and theme parks can reopen

Photo: Alfresco dining at The White Hart in Barnes

Summary of Stage two

  • Enjoy an Easter experience or gift, planned in stage one with customers

  • Begin securing reservations for outdoor seating in pubs for small groups

  • Send out save the dates to teams for summer events or experiences booked in stage one. Have something to put in your diaries and look forward to.

Stage three - no earlier than 17th May:

  • People can meet in groups of up to 30 outdoors, which means we can safely start planning and looking forward to summer events for these numbers

  • Six people of two households can meet indoors

  • Pubs, restaurants and other hospitality venues can seat customers indoors

  • Up to 30 people can meet to celebrate weddings or other life events, like christenings

  • Remaining outdoor Entertainment, such as outdoor theatres and cinemas can open

  • Indoor entertainment such as museums, theatres, cinemas and children's play areas can open

  • Performances and large events will be subject to limits though. For indoor events they can be at half capacity or 1,000 people, and outdoors they can be at half capacity or 4,000 people - whichever is lower. For large outdoor venues (at least 40,000 capacity) up to 10,000 will be allowed to attend

  • Hotels, hostels and B&Bs can reopen

  • International leisure travel will resume no earlier than 17 May

  • Adult indoor group sports and exercise classes can start up again

Photos: The Fire Feast at Wilderness Reserve, a magical outdoor dining experience for large groups

Summary of Stage three

  • We will start to see a positive ease in restrictions and with hope, virtual events almost behind us whilst experiencing group events or UK trips of up to 30 people

  • Most people will start to book holidays from 21st June onwards. Therefore plan for company events (groups of 30 people) from 17th May and the four weeks following this date

  • Weddings will see an increase of numbers of up to 30 guests with safe planning.

Stage four - roll up, roll up.. the 21st June:

  • All legal limits on social contact will be removed

  • No legal limits on the number of people who can attend weddings, funerals and other life events. From April, the government will run pilots for events such as large weddings, festivals and work conferences. This will help to determine how measures such as enhanced testing might allow large groups to attend without social distancing

  • Nightclubs will be allowed to reopen

Photo: The Sea Containers #Londonrooftopvenue

Summary of Stage four

  • All couples with dates from 21st June onwards will enjoy weddings with no limits on numbers or restrictions.

  • With safe planning we will return to organising social events and experiences with no government restrictions or limits.

  • People will feel safe to meet with others as we aim to be on track with vaccinations and start to see a huge change in our daily lives.

If you are looking for inspiration, safe guidance or ideas as to how to start planning when bringing teams, friends or loved ones back together for the first time we would love to hear from you.

Or feel free to check out our Summer '21 page of experiences.

And here is to the start of a new beginning!

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What are the four tests for easing restrictions?

Each stage will be a minimum of five weeks apart. Four conditions must be met at each stage before proceeding to the next one:

  • The coronavirus vaccine programme continues to go to plan

  • Vaccines are sufficiently reducing the number of people dying with the virus or needing hospital treatment

  • Infection rates do not risk a surge in hospital admissions

  • New coronavirus variants do not fundamentally change the risk of lifting restrictions

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