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What is the value in hiring a professional event planner?

How can clients justify sourcing a professional event planner is a question I get asked from time to time.

Five reasons working with a professional is a worthwhile investment.

01. Professionals are exactly that - an expert in their industry. They know what does and doesn't work, staying up to date on trends, constantly learning and growing with the industry. We create a strong team with our clients!

02. Saving you money - it's the job of event planners to retain a network of suppliers that they regularly deal with, from venues and flower suppliers to catering, among others. This close relationship enables negotiation of the best price and terms.

03. Allowing clients to concentrate on with the job in hand - the event planner is there to save time and present ideas, so that you can focus on more important jobs. You also have peace of mind in knowing that someone is taking care of the details of your event. You can be as involved or uninvolved as you like.

04. Creativity - it is our job to think creatively so that every events boundaries can be pushed, getting the most from any budget. The best event planners know the industry 'inside and out' and have an extensive knowledge of locations, venues and trusted suppliers.

05. Enjoy your event! - an event is full of uncertainties. A professional is there to offer you peace of mind, creating wonderful memories and the opportunity to connect with clients and colleagues.

At Sandwood Events we support and build strong relationships with our clients. We direct them through the planning process, keeping them fully informed throughout the process, providing budget updates and clear communication as plans progress.

Whichever stage you are at with your planning, please do get in touch as we'd love to hear from you.

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