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And product launches

Designing the perfect event that takes place around the launch of a new product into a market. Meant to generate a buzz around a new product, launch events are frequently flashy and exciting.

The most effective product launch celebrations begin long before the event itself. Focus on the audience and how the new product will improve their lives, and put in the work to develop buzz and suspense before the launch itself. 

Product launch events can be held at a wide range of budgets. The most important cost to consider will be the time you and your team invest into the launch.

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Bringing a product launch to life

How we plan for a product launch.

  • Begin by choosing a venue that is interesting but doesn't outshine your product.

  • Decide a memorable and relevant theme.

  • Source engaging entertainment. 

  • Ensuring we are intentional with your product launch event's timing.

  • Creative work to build up anticipation on social media before the event. 

  • A post event plan to follow up.

We love working on product launches due to the level of detail that goes into these events and we are here to help pull off the perfect launch. 

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