How we adapted as the world changed in early 2020

We started to focus on the quality of your events as opposed to the quantity.


Smaller events

Whilst aiming higher and not lower


Away from the crowds

Unique opportunities and destinations experienced for the first time that are safe for people to attend.

Quality time

Strengthening relationships in ways you wouldn't on a regular basis and building lasting memories.

Lasting impact

Less is more. Combining larger social events into smaller exclusive experiences. Aiming higher and not lower.

Sailing Boats

"Focusing on the quality of the moments we share"


Exclusive experiences at a distance.


It’s time to consider organising smaller events, whilst aiming higher and not lower. 

We suggest combining larger social events into smaller exclusive experiences. An opportunity to bring people together, over a number of days providing quality time and lasting memories. These events can keep your employees and clients feeling valued and inspired throughout the remainder of the year. 

Now is more important than ever for everyone to be using events as an opportunity to bring teams back together for the first time this year. Each event must be worth its weight in gold. 

Our unique experiences are organised away from the masses in private and exclusive venues, inside and outside. 


An opportunity to bring people together safely

Creating quality and lasting memories


"Designing unique experiences at a distance. Keeping clients and guests safe."


Virtual Experiences

Until we are given the 'green light' we have crafted together some fantastic virtual experiences to engage teams and stay connected to clients.


Inspire Me

Something for every occasion